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WECAN has been specializing in the development and production of glass fiber building products for more then a quarter century.

WECAN products are manufactured from highly shock resistance and durable polyester glass fibers. These panels are molded in a variety of texture and patterns. The material is integrally colored in the manufacturing process to insure consistency. An additional protective coating is applied to the exposed surface after manufacturing. 

One of the products innovative advantages is the WECAN patented closure system. The progressive installation technique guarantees water tightness under the most severe exposures to the elements. This installation process also allows for application of the panels in almost any temperature or weather conditions.


Environment issues are as important in the United States as they are in Europe. WECAN has worked, to be a leader in environmental construction issues since the company was formed. All WECAN products are designed to be recyclable. They contain no materials that are considered harmful to the environment.



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